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Two main materials for cosmetic bottle packaging

Most of the general cosmetics are liquid, lotion or paste, without distinctive appearance. It must pass the exquisite packaging design, can show its own characteristics. Therefore, cosmetics generally rely on packaging to achieve good sales. Plastic and glass are the main cosmetic packaging container materials currently used, and the amount of plastic is the most.

Over the years, China's cosmetics market has grown at an average annual rate of 15%, and has begun to take shape. In 2002, the total sales of the whole market reached 45 billion yuan. It is predicted that its total market sales will reach 80 billion yuan in 2010. As the main packaging materials in this market, plastic and glass will also have a greater use.

Although cosmetics have many varieties and different functions, their external forms and packaging adaptability mainly include the following categories: solid cosmetics, solid granular (powder) cosmetics, liquid and lotion cosmetics, paste cosmetics, etc. The packaging forms are different according to different forms.

As far as the current situation is concerned, due to the light quality and low price of plastic, it is easy to form large-scale production. It can be made into bottles of various specifications, sizes, transparencies, opacities and colors, and has good printing performance. Instructions, logos and barcodes can be directly printed on the surface of containers by means of thermal transfer, ink-jet, printing and other methods. Therefore, plastic products have occupied more than 80% of the cosmetic packaging market and become the most important packaging container for cosmetics. In the past, cosmetics were generally packaged in glass bottles. However, due to the single variety of glass containers, even if there is a good design concept, due to the limitations of technology and materials, it is often impossible to achieve.


However, plastic materials have advantages in this respect. They are not only rich in sources, but also have good molding performance. They can be made into bottles, cans, boxes and other plastic containers of various structures and shapes, and can be used for various decoration and decoration designs.

In addition, in recent years, the application of PET resin in cosmetic containers has developed rapidly, which has led to a major change in replacing glass bottles with plastics.

However, we should also see that although glass bottles account for no more than 8% of cosmetic packaging containers, they still have irreplaceable advantages in this packaging field, and are still the preferred materials for high-end cosmetics in the short term.

Thoroughly pure, noble and elegant, is the charm of glass bottles. Compared with the plastic bottle, its heavy sense makes people feel more trustworthy; And the unique visual effect of frosted glass bottles is far beyond that of plastic bottles.

Many perfume manufacturers prefer to use this container to package their products. For example, the female perfume of BVLGARI in Italy has a good tradition in its packaging design. Streamlined frosted glass bottles highlight its simple lines. The bottle body is soft emerald green, conveying the characteristics of freshness, elegance and friendliness. In addition, it has a high barrier to gas, which also makes glass bottles the preferred packaging materials for products that are volatile and easy to lose fragrance, such as perfume.

Cosmetics, especially whitening and nutrition series cosmetics, contain a lot of nutrients just like food, but they are very easy to be oxidized. This puts forward a high requirement for the sealing of the packaging. The glass bottle has a strong barrier, and is undoubtedly more competent than the plastic bottle in protecting the contents.

With the rapid development of modern industry and the continuous enhancement of public environmental protection opinions, paper packaging is used more and more widely in commodities, and the demand is growing. Vacuum aluminized paper is one of them. The aluminized paper is mainly composed of base paper, aluminum layer and coating. Because of its good glossiness and smoothness, good flexibility, and high fastness of aluminum spraying layer, it is beautiful and environment-friendly. The main consumer group of cosmetics is women. Whether the cosmetics package is exquisite or not greatly affects the status of cosmetics in women's minds and their preference for specific brands. The transparent and colorful ink printed on vacuum aluminized paper can show noble and rich metallic luster, and at the same time, it gives a psychological hint: after using this kind of cosmetics, you can also shine and be easy to print. Vacuum aluminized paper is easy to conduct laser holographic processing and has a good anti-counterfeiting effect. According to the needs of different cosmetics, flash laser LOCO or specific beautiful patterns can be printed on the outer packaging, which is beautiful, fresh and easy to identify, and also deters fake and inferior products. However, as far as the entire cosmetics market is concerned, plastic and glass are still the main packaging materials.