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Common sense of cosmetic bottle pump head

1、 Distributor

The distributor of cosmetic pump head can be divided into two types, namely, tie mouth type and screw mouth type. For the use function of pump head, the pump head can be divided into spray pump head, foundation cream pump head, lotion pump head, as well as aerosol valve and vacuum bottle pump head.

2、 Size of pump head

The size of the cosmetic pump head is very different, basically based on the caliber of the bottle body used together, but the general specification of spray is 12.5mm - 24mm. For the pump head commonly used for perfume, gel water and other products, the length of the nozzle with the same caliber will also be consistent with the length of the bottle used together.

For the commonly used lotion pump, the size is relatively large, generally 16ml to 38ml, and the water output for cream and washing products is 0.28ml/time to 3.1ml/time. Therefore, the size of the cosmetic pump head can be installed and used as required.